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Artistic Director, Founder:
Victoria Bradford 

nic ruley, president
james pike, SECRETARY

A Relay of voices COLLABORATORS:
LISA Leszczewicz

neighborhood dances collaborators:
Todd mattei
Aurora Tabar
Xinqi Tao
Contributers/Dancers: @moonsallytinspoon, @crispenrosenkranz, @sophiadeleonsanchez, @c_rafferty, @ughamy, @violetred7, @kburzon, @caithlindemarrais, @chrissles86, @emcaesar, @fiafiabobia, @boomerangdance, @cabinfeverliveart, @roxannegraydance, ET AL.

Jessica Cornish
Lia kohl
ADDITIONAL PERFORMERS: Josh Samuels, Zach Moore, Haley Jensen, and Cheryl Cornacchione Nowlin

Dinner Dance Collaborators:
Hannah Barco, co-creator
Participants: Andrew Barco, David Rueter, Laurel Foglia, Maya Shaffer, Ross Jordan, Anna Trier, Lindsey French, Milad Mozari, Trevor Martin, Brent Fogt, Nico Gardner, George Keating, Robin Deacon, Moe Beitiks, Gabe Levine, Ursula Andreeff, Raphaelle Ziemba, Andrew Bermudez, Patrick Cunningham, Christine Shallenberg, Allyssa Moxley, Hannah Verrill, Stephanie Plenner, Marissa Lee Benedict, Ashley Elliott, Lauren Cormier, Chuck Bellon, Tinelle Dingler, Elliott Adams, Dinah Bradford, John Bradford, Joshua Kent, Jessica Bardsley, Sam Hertz, Laura Miller, Brenden Albano, Nick Papalova, Peter Weathers, Dao Nguyen, Jason Torres Hancock, Radmilla Oshasnky, Kristina Felix Ibarra, Zac Whittenburg, Jake Vogds, Kevin Ryan, Andi Crist, Christopher Knowlton, Darling, Randi Bolton, Alexandra Noe, et al.




A House Unbuilt is organized for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code, or corresponding section of anY future federal tax code.

A House Unbuilt is rooted in the idea of social choreography. We are looking at moving people—bodies, voices, minds—in small ways, such that incremental change will result in a cumulative movement of community and culture. We use the language of diverse dance traditions as a frame to engage with everyday lives, situations, and environments. A House Unbuilt seeks to cultivate, create, and perform new and visionary works of dance that access the entire body as a house for knowledge; to open the notion of traditional dance to practitioners and audiences alike; to develop and propagate training techniques that bridge dance, sport, storytelling and other fine, practical, and vernacular arts disciplines. A House Unbuilt seeks to blur the line between performer and audience, to invite all to be co-creators; to provide mentoring and leadership in the local and national arts communities; and to push the place of dialogue-as-a-dance even further into the field. A House Unbuilt will carry out its mission without profit and for the benefit of the public.


Over 10 years ago now, I started doing work on the ground in my Louisiana home town—digging into the culture, getting to know people from all walks of life, finding a group of people to rally with. We were a rag tag crew of young to old, artists, lab analysts, book sellers, financial advisors, musicians, what have you. We were excited and we got involved and we shook up our small city.

When I left Louisiana, I took the passion and resilience of that community with me. I explored new ways to move people with my art practice, but I never forgot the lure of the local. I returned home multiple times to mount new projects, bridging my new life in Chicago with so many lives in Louisiana. As a creative agent, I joined with the community to engage in socially conscious, performative practices.

Over these last five years, I have created A House Unbuilt as a movement laboratory and archive in order to develop a deeper understanding of how the movement of our bodies is at work in the social fabric of our communities, cities, and nations. A House Unbuilt can be one body or several bodies, but always a catalyst to move the larger whole.


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Some selected accolades


Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award 2017

#neighborhooddances @ Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Merce Cunningham: Common Time, 2017

DCASE Theatre & Dance Residency 2016

High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist 2015

Chicago Artists Month Featured Artist 2015

Chicago Artists Coalition HATCH Resident Artist 2013