For Hire

Victoria Bradford

Organizer, Grant Writer, Producer, Administrator


Are you a dancemaker or director of a nonprofit arts organization? Do you struggle getting your work from idea to physical reality? Do the words to secure funding for that work feel just out of reach? I can help. My brain works in useful, informed ways on these types of problems. My name is Victoria Bradford and I am an organizer, grant writer, producer, and administrator. I help artists interpret their emotions, thoughts, visions, and aspirations into clear direction and language for various purposes.  

I have lived my life as a visual artist, dancemaker, and arts administrator in the USA. Over the past 15 years I have often sidelined my moving and making in order to take a seat on the institutional side, make a living, and assist others in their artistic pursuits. I've worked as a writer for a magazine dance section, directed a scrappy arts nonprofit, served as deputy secretary of a state culture department, and been program director for a major grantmaker. I have unique insight into the complex junction where individual artists, government agencies, foundations, nonprofits, endowments, and culture meet.

I am available to work with you as a mentor, producer, and grant writer, and I can also offer consultation on work samples for applications, resumes/CV's, academic theses in the arts, and best practices for operating a nonprofit organization. I spent the last nine years working and living in Chicago, IL, but originally hail from coastal Louisiana. Currently I am based in Stillwater, MN, but I work with clients over the internet so I can work with you virtually anywhere.