Letter from V

Over 10 years ago now, I started doing work on the ground in my Louisiana home town—digging into the culture, getting to know people from all walks of life, finding a group of people to rally with. We were a rag tag crew of young to old, artists, lab analysts, book sellers, financial advisors, musicians, what have you. We were excited and we got involved and we shook up our tiny town.

When I left Louisiana, I took the passion and resilience of that community with me. I explored new ways to move people with my art practice, but I never forgot the lure of the local. I returned home multiple times to mount new projects, bridging my new life in Chicago with so many lives in Louisiana. As a creative agent, I joined with the community to engage in socially conscious, performative practices.

Over these last five years, I have created A House Unbuilt as a movement laboratory and archive in order to develop a deeper understanding of how the movement of our bodies is at work in the social fabric of our communities, cities, and nations. A House Unbuilt can be one body or several bodies, but always a catalyst to move the larger whole.