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A House Unbuilt (AHU) uses movement and the body to engage and investigate the social fabric of rooted communities. Drawing on vocabulary from dance, sport, regiment, and everyday life, A House Unbuilt seeks to un-build the learned architecture of the body to reveal the insights and knowledge housed only there. 

A House Unbuilt has two fundamental goals.  The first is to operate as a movement laboratory to explore and effect incremental change in performers and audience alike. The second is to serve as an archive of public movement in past projects that can be openly accessed, explored and creatively utilized. A House Unbuilt aims to produce work resulting in a cumulative movement of community and culture.

A House Unbuilt defines dance as any action or instruction setting body and mind together at work. Whether in the form of running or gesturing, dancing is about the idea that making or doing is thinking. Our bodies as an immediate physical presence have the power to intervene in systems much larger than themselves and to bring the incomprehensible paradoxes of our times to a human scale. 

A House Unbuilt is organized for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code, or corresponding section of anY future federal tax code.