Victoria Bradford

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Victoria Bradford Styrbicki, Artistic & Executive Director

Victoria Bradford Styrbicki is an artist and cultural producer working across the lines of public art, dance, social practice and installation. Styrbicki currently works as Executive & Artistic Director of A House Unbuilt, a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on movement research. She refers to the work she does there as “social choreography,” moving people both physically and conceptually toward greater connectivity. This work relies on collaboration from other artists as well as research institutes, environmental organizations, political organizations, arts organizations, governments and government agencies, individual citizens, and communities at large across the United States, particularly as witnessed in Relay of Voices.

Styrbicki builds collaborative projects rooted in site-based, response-driven practices. Her current work with Relay of Voices, among many past projects, ties back to her origins in Coastal Louisiana and the environmental, political, and cultural dialogue specific to that region and places like it.

Victoria studied visual arts, anthropology, and theology at the University of Notre Dame (BFA) and visual arts and performance and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA). She has a history in the arts as an organizer, scholar, maker, and administrator, previously founding Poor Pony, a small non-profit that began her public creative practice, then working for the State of Louisiana’s Department of Culture as well as serving as a Board of Regent’s Fellow in Comparative Literature at Louisiana State University. Eventualy she moved to Chicago to earn her MFA and work as Program Director of Chicago Dancemakers Forum.