Victoria Bradford

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Victoria Eleanor Bradford

The thing about social choreography and the thing about my work is it’s small, it’s looking at small things. Even though A Relay of Voices is a big sweeping gesture, running from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the mouth of the Mississippi River. It really is about every individual voice along that river and the accumulation those voices, the accumulation of the miles that people will run as they flock to us and run alongside us downriver. And that hopefully will mass, and over time be a momentum that won’t just peter out when we reach the end but will push on. We don’t know yet—the project is still in a visioning process—we don’t know yet what’s going to come next, but I think as we go, it’s going to be so transformative to us and to those who are running and speaking with us that we are going to learn what we need to do. If we listen, if we listen to each other and we listen to ourselves, we’re going to learn what we need to do next.

Victoria Bradford works primarily in the field of dance, generating works of performance, video, and installation. She was trained in the visual arts at the University of Notre Dame (BFA) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA). Influence on her work as an artist comes from her upbringing in community theaters, classical dance, and voice lessons. She lives in Chicago, IL and continues to cultivate projects in her home state of Louisiana.

Bradford has performed, exhibited, and given workshops extensively around Chicago, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery 400, Governors State University, the Chicago Cultural Center, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, among others. Her venue of choice, however, is public space, and she's spent the last three years cultivating a practice for herself and others in which to systematically engage public space and social media audiences known as Neighborhood Dances.



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